Stop That Dinosaur!

Publisher: Bloomsbury

A young girl and her Granny are happily eating extra-special cake in the kitchen when the walls begin to tremble and they hear a mighty roar. Granny answers a knock at the door, where she meets a brontosaurus, who snatches her up and runs away. Without hesitation, the brave girl leaps onto her scooter and races as fast as she can after the dinosaur. She pursues the kidnapper through the playground, up the high street and into the countryside, until finally losing sight of it in the deep, dark wood. What will she do if her beloved Granny is lost forever?

The rhyming text is perfect to read aloud, creating pace and rhythm to help build anticipation as the story progresses. Vibrant, dynamic illustrations contain a wealth of humorous detail, such as a family of startled rabbits who flee the cornfield as the dinosaur crashes past. The direction of the chase, from left to right, will help children navigate through the book, prompting them to turn the pages to discover where the characters are going next. A funny, heart-warming adventure, which beautifully celebrates the bond between a child and her grandparent.

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