Spectre Collectors: Too Ghoul for School

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Denzel has a perfectly normal, quiet life. He lives at home with his two dads and hangs out with his best (and only) friend Smithy while at school. But his peaceful existence is suddenly shattered when he is attacked by both a poltergeist and a rubbish bin ghost, bringing him to the attention of the Spectre Collectors. This secret organisation is battling a war against all things spooky and they are very interested in Denzel’s ability to see their invisible enemies. Dragged to their underground headquarters for training, Denzel soon learns that life will never be simple again.

Spectre Collectors is a funny, high-octane adventure story. Each page is bursting with imaginative details, from the magical and technological divisions of the secret organisation to the descriptions of the different ghost rankings. Denzel is a sweet, accident-prone protagonist and his sidekick Smithy ensures every situation has a light side.

Denzel had no idea ghosts existed until he suddenly finds himself being trained to battle them.

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