Publisher: Usborne

Poppy doesn't believe in true love - until she meets Noah. After a chance meeting at a local band night, they find themselves swept up in an intense, whirlwind romance. But this is no ordinary teenage love story, for Poppy and Noah are true soulmates - born the perfect match for each other. Far from resulting in a dream romance, they soon realise that when two soulmates meet,  dangerous events will occur. As Poppy and Noah find thesmevles in the midst of thunder and lightning, torrential rainfalls and sudden snowstorms, a secret international agency set out on their trail, to separate the soulmates before disaster strikes.

Fans of young adult romance will be intrigued by Holly Bourne's debut novel. An engaging contemporary love story, set in an ordinary British town, it combines plenty of passion and drama with some unexpected twists and paranormal touches. Putting a fresh spin on the notion of a teenage couple of who are 'meant to be together', which so often features in novels of this kind, it will leave readers questioning some of the cliches of young adult romance.

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