Song of the Current

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Like generations of Oresteias, Caroline and her father live and work on the river, but pirates ransack their port and Father is imprisoned for smuggling. Caro faces an ultimatum: for him to be released, she must deliver a mysterious package to Valonikos, alone. Could this be her chance to prove herself to the river gods?

The package contains more than she’d bargained: frustrating, arrogant Markos, the Akhaian Empire’s heir. Enmeshed in a dangerous web of intrigue, spies, sorcerers and rebels, Caro must choose: make the delivery, or find another way to ensure her own and Akhaia's destiny?

Although worlds apart, Caroline and Markos fight to forge futures each can accept - personally and morally - with the magical watery river-lands forms a vibrantly organic backdrop to this absorbing fantasy.

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