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Publisher: Alma Books

Slick is an android – a robot that looks and behaves just like a human. But no one knows he’s an android, not even him. What Slick does know is that it’s important to have the coolest clothes and the best tech, and be friends with the popular kids. That’s what everyone’s always telling him, anyway – his parents, his teacher, his Uncle Martin.

Danny is definitely not popular and definitely does not have the ‘right’ clothes. But when Slick meets Danny, he starts to wonder whether true friendship is about more than just popularity. And Danny quickly realises there’s something different about Slick: Why does he go to the dentist every week? Why does he have gaps in his memories? And who exactly is the mysterious Uncle Martin?

When Danny uncovers the truth about Slick, the worst thing imaginable happens... Can Danny outwit Slick’s creators and save the only real friend he’s ever had?

Told from both boys’ perspectives, this is a page-turning story as Danny gradually works out Slick’s secret. There are themes of artificial intelligence, friendship and what it means to be human, alongside an interwoven and searing commentary on the marketing power of big corporations.

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