Skunk and Badger

Publisher: Scholastic

Badger lives by himself in his Aunt Lula’s brownstone townhouse. Every morning he eats cold cereal with cold milk from a cold bowl before spending his days doing Important Rock Work. His life is focussed, predictable, safe and solitary.

Skunk has a red suitcase tied up with twine containing pyjamas, a storybook and a chicken whistle. He likes to cook and loves chickens.

When Skunk turns up on Badger’s doorstep unexpectedly, Badger is so surprised that before he knows it, Skunk has moved in. And Badger’s world turns upside down.

Suddenly breakfast is eggs, fire roasted peppers, crispy potatoes, strawberry muffins and hot chocolate. But the kitchen is a mess. And Skunk likes to chat and spend lively evenings with chickens while Badger craves peace and quiet. What ensues is a witty, touching and revealing story about stepping out of your comfort zone and into someone else’s shoes.

This quirky, eccentric, surprising and unique storybook defies classification. A little advanced for independent readers, this is a deep, unusual picture book which would be ideal for reading aloud in a classroom or home situation and will appeal to wide range of children (and adults).

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