Skin Taker

Publisher: Head of Zeus

The Lynx Clan hunter thinks that the spark of light in the sky is a good sign, until it crashes into the earth with a thunderous roar; spitting fire, shattering mountains, deafening the world and ripping the heart out of the forest.

In the aftermath of the Thunderstar, the demons usually imprisoned in the Otherworld by the roots of trees have escaped and Skin Takers are prowling the devastated land looking for the dead, the dying and the helpless to feed their gruesome appetites.

The only hope for the clans lies with Torak, Renn and Wolf who embark on a dangerous, magical quest that could cost them their sanity, their souls and their lives.

Set in the deep winter of a prehistoric Scandinavia, this is the second book in the new Wolf Brother series and revisits lives that are intimately connected to sea, tree, animal and mountain.

Seeing the world through the eyes of ancient hunter-gatherers is made effortless by incredible language and spectacular world-building by Michelle Paver, and readers will quickly be drawn into lives full of myth and mage craft.

An outstanding fantasy adventure that is complex, exciting and absolutely unputdownable. 

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