Silly Doggy!

Publisher: Templar Publishing

When Lily finds an animal in her garden, she looks at his four legs, tail and big, wet nose and deduces that despite his enormous size, he is a dog. Readers can see, however, that Lily’s new furry friend is in fact a brown bear; undaunted, Lily takes him home with her and the pair have a fun and chaotic time together.

Lily’s mum insists that her daughter puts up ‘lost’ posters and the local safari park eventually come to claim the bear – Lily’s sadness at losing her friend is short-lived when she spots a large and suspiciously stripy ‘cat’ in the garden…

The bear/ doggy is an endearing character, particularly in the illustrations depicting him staring ruefully out of the page at the reader, as Lily dresses him up in a stripy scarf and yellow bow! This is a fun picturebook, featuring a dust-jacket that folds out into a delightful poster.

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