Publisher: Hodder

Leah may come from a deprived background, but she has plenty of hope for her future. Then one day at school, the Eternal Knights burst in - a dangerous gang of bored, power-hungry Year Nine boys, armed and ready to take over the school and kill for fun.

Escaping from the gang, Leah climbs into the school ceilings with her friend Anton, and manages to use her mobile to call out for help to the world outside. As they wait, wondering why the police are taking so long to rescue them, they ask themselves where the boys could possibly have got their guns and ammunition? Who has planted a bomb in the gym where the gang and all the hostages are sitting? And what role could Leah's brother Connor be playing in the horror that is being unleashed?

Violent, shocking and thought-provoking, this powerful novel for older teenagers is set in the near future and addresses issues of love and personal responsibility, disadvantage and state control.

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