Shadows of the Silver Screen

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Penny Tredwell, adventurous 13-year-old editor of bestselling magazine 'The Penny Dreadful', returns in this entertaining sequel to Twelve Minutes to Midnight.

Penny finds herself mixed up in the exciting new world of motion pictures in this new adventure, set in 1900, just as the era of the silent movie is dawning. Intrigued by a proposal from filmmaker Mr Gold, Penny and Monty head to a remote gothic manor house to turn one of The Penny Dreadful's best-known and most sinister tales of terror, 'The Daughter of Darkness', into a film. But when shooting begins, strange and terrifying events begin to occur. What is really going on at Eversholt Manor - and what are the dark secrets that Mr Gold is hiding?  With help on hand back in London from reliable sidekick Alfie, Penny sets out to discover the truth - but as fiction and reality begin to blur together, she soon finds herself trapped in a nightmare of her own invention.

This fun and exciting historical thriller with a paranormal twist is packed with adventure, danger and mystery. With plenty of spine-tingling and spooky moments, Christopher Edge creates a fantastically dark and eerie Victorian atmosphere which is certain to captivate young readers.

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