Secret Science: The Amazing World Beyond Your Eyes

Publisher: Scholastic

A whistle-stop tour through all the extraordinary things that happen behind the scenes to make our normal lives happen, from the minute we wake up until we go to sleep (and even when we are asleep). How does toothpaste actually work? What are microwaves? What’s happening to your hormones while you stroke your dog? Science is going on everywhere, all the time.

What’s really unusual about this non-fiction book is its continuous narrative flow, meaning it can be beautifully (and hilariously) read out loud – why should fiction get all the fun at bedtime?

This book will really make children (and adults) think about the world around them, and get an introduction to all areas of science. It’s a great read for those about to go to secondary school and also career-launching inspiration for budding scientists.

A funny and fascinating read by one of the UK and Ireland’s best-loved comedians and presenters. The illustrations by Dan Bramall make the book look gorgeous, too. 

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