Santa's New Sleigh

Publisher: Faber

It’s Christmas Eve and Santa’s ready to leave the North Pole in his sleigh, but there’s a problem: the engine’s dead, and spare parts can’t be had for love nor money. The ingenious Elves give various alternatives their best try: skiing, flinging presents in a massive slingshot (imprecise), sending gifts by balloon (impractical) and owl power (keep dropping the boxes), but nothing works. Is Christmas cancelled?

Fortunately, Santa’s Head Inventor, Lizzie, has built an electric sleigh, complete with heated seats and no pollution! Hurrah! A whisper-quiet sleigh for Santa (which can be powered by elves on bikes if needed) and an efficient solution for optimum present delivery.

Crowe and Pauwels’ zingy and topical book brings the theme of clean fuel to Christmas with a very nicely rhythmic text and lots of hilarious illustrations along the way.

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