Rose in the Blitz

Publisher: Chicken House

Rose's mum is getting remarried and Rose is not happy about it. The night before the wedding, she follows her forgetful great-aunt Rosemary out of the house and into a deserted tube station. When she emerges, not only has her aunt disappeared but the London she knows has been replaced by the war-torn city of the 1940s, right in the middle of the Blitz. Positive there is a reason she has been called back, Rose seeks out the younger version of her great-aunt to try to solve the mystery and get back to her own time.

This book brings to life the horror and destruction that World War Two brought to London. It also captures the determination of its inhabitants to keep on living, from the girls picking their way through still-smoking rubble to get to a dance to the firemen battling endless blazes night after night. It is a book about perseverance and hope.

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