Rosa Parks - Little People, Big Dreams

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

The Little People, Big Dreams series does it again: this book about Rosa Parks is yet another astounding and eye-welling read that will make you cheer on an historical icon.

Like the others in the series, this one includes a big chunk about Rosa Parks’ childhood, to make it easier for younger readers to identify with her. It’s all illustrated in a vibrant, graphic style that effortlessly evokes the era in which it is mostly set (1950s-60s).

Both the words and drawing truly capture the personality of this wonderful woman who stood up to prejudice in the most simple but powerful of ways – by saying ‘no’. It’s a small action that had huge consequences, and something that should really resonate with children just beginning to think about what’s wrong and right.

It all ends with a photographic timeline that ties everything together, and could well prompt some lively discussion of the themes.

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