Roodica the Rude: Who stole the river?

A Roodica the Rude book

Publisher: Catnip


The Romans brought so many things to Celtic Britain: proper roads, beautiful buildings, personal hygiene. But not everyone was impressed.

At the heart of the resistance to foreign domination was Roodica the Rude, youngest of three princesses, who hates the Romans with a vengeance, especially when she discovers they have dammed the river so she can no longer go for a swim after Druid Big Brain's boring lessons.

With the help of her faithful sidekick, Gideon, Roodica devises a cunning plan to restore the river and leave the Romans looking very stupid indeed.

Witty, irreverent and inventive, Roodica's hilarious antics are sure to appeal to young readers and are ideal for encouraging independent reading. Divided into manageable chapters and with imaginative pen and ink illustrations.

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