Rock War

Publisher: Hachette

Teenagers Jay, Summer and Dylan couldn't be much more different. Jay lives above his mum'sCamden fish and chip shop, with his big, rowdy family; Summer leads a lonely life on a BIrmingham council estate, caring for her fragile Nan; whilst rebellious Dylan is a privileged rich boy who doesn't fit in at his traditional boarding school. Yet all three have something in common: music. Being part of a band is what really matters to them - and now it looks like there's the chance to follow their dreams by putting themselves forward to take part in a new reality TV series for young bands trying to make it - Rock War.

This first installment in a new series from the hugely popular Robert Muchamore is as fast-paced as a TV teen drama. Young readers will be drawn in by Muchamore's direct and punchy writing style, believable teenage characters, and frank take on the realities of school and home life, as well as the appealing rock band theme.

Though it's obvious that this is really by way of an introduction to the main action of the series, this first book is attention-grabbing enough to keep teens eager to find out what happens next.

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