River of Ink: Zenith

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

Jed and Kassia are on the run from the evil corporation NOAH. They want Jed because, despite looking like a normal 17-year-old boy, he is actually immortal - or he will be, if he can find the recipe for an elixir that he hid during the 1920s.

The search for the recipe takes the duo, along with Kassia's brother Dante and social worker Jacob, from the German countryside to the winding streets of Prague and finally on to Paris. With the answer in sight and NOAH hot on their heels, it suddenly becomes apparent that the gang have put their trust in the wrong person.

This is the second in the Rivers of Ink series and, although you will gradually understand what has happened previously, it would be easier to follow from the beginning if you read part one first. It is relentlessly fast-paced and full of interesting characters.

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