Publisher: Bloomsbury

Andi leads a privileged life in New York - she's a talented musician and attends an elite school - but she's desperately unhappy; two years ago her beloved ten-year-old brother was killed and now her life is falling apart.

When Andi’s dismal grades at school are made apparent to her scientist father, he insists she accompany him on a trip to Paris, where he is planning to DNA-test a preserved heart believed to have belonged to the ten-year-old son of King  Louis  XVI, who was killed during the French Revolution.

Although reluctant to go to Paris, once there Andi discovers an eighteenth-century diary, written by Alexandrine, an aspiring actress and companion to the murdered Prince, and her life takes an extraordinary turn.

The diary, along with a burgeoning relationship with a handsome young musician, prompts Andi to re-examine her own life and start moving away from the pain that has enveloped her for two years.

Readers will be gripped as Andi and Alex’s parallel stories unfold – Alex’s account of life during the Terror is fascinating and when juxtaposed with Andi’s anguish, at times, can be a harrowing read. But a message of hope ultimately transcends the pain portrayed in this powerful novel.

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