Princess Mirror-Belle and the Dragon Pox

Publisher: Macmillan

A longer text from Donaldson makes this gorgeous glitter bomb a perfect gift for little girls. Ellen has got the chicken pox and she's desperate to scratch her itchy face. But when she's peering into the bathroom mirror she gets a big surprise when her reflection steps through into her bathroom, claiming to be a princess with dragon-pox! Princess Mirror-Belle sets about concocting a cure in the bathtub, creating a big wet mess as she goes. Ellen is going to be in a lot of trouble when he Mum finds out - but will the soapy, foamy cure actually work?

Julia's fairy-tale text works beautifully with Lydia Monk's pretty illustrations. The colours are bright and bold and the explosions of glitter on each page make this really eye-catching. It's unashamedly girly in its enthusiastic use of pink but the story itself should entertain any child looking to get their teeth into a slightly longer story. A fun remedy that will put a smile on even the most pocked-face!

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