Pretty Funny

Publisher: Puffin

Haylah’s life isn’t easy – she takes care of her four-year-old brother while her mother is at work. At school, she’s been teased about her weight for years, and has ended up claiming the cruel nickname ‘Pig’. The truth is, she hates being teased, and would love to be a stand-up comedian. But how can she make that happen when everyone, even gorgeous Leo, just sees her weight when they look at her?

Haylah’s bright, witty voice makes this a fun read that is also full of empowering messages for teenage girls. Her lack of self-esteem makes her poke fun at herself while she is hurting inside, which is at times hard to read, but her voice is realistic and never self-pitying. With more and more women entering the tough world of stand-up comedy, this is a book that could inspire a new generation of funny women who love themselves and are loved by audiences. Fans of Louise Rennison and Nat Luurtsema will enjoy this one.

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