Publisher: Frances Lincoln

Pandora the fox lives alone in a world of broken things. She fixes and mends them, giving new life to the forgotten. One day, an injured bird falls from the sky and she nurses it back to strength. When it can fly again it brings her gifts from other places. The nest he has collected grows, and one day Pandora wakes to find her home has mended itself and found new life as a land of living things.

This beautiful story of a little fox trying to do some good in a world gone wrong is a sensitive and sweet meditation on some big themes; protecting the planet, pollution, waste and recycling are all touched upon but the story of nurture and care is a message that won't be missed by readers of any age. Glorious production values make this a perfect gift book; thick creamy paper show off Turnbull's stunning soft illustration and the silken cover makes this book absolutely irresistible.

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