Publisher: Child's Play

Meet No. No is the best-behaved, most obliging, helpful and useful dog EVER!  He helps his family get to places faster, he tastes their food, hunts for treasure in their garden, helps with the laundry. He never stops. There is just one thing he doesn’t understand: why did they give him a collar saying ‘Spike’?

In fact, No’s words accounting for himself could not be further from the truth, as the illustrations reveal, depicting the trail of destruction and despair he leaves in his wake, the family’s shouts of 'No!' resounding in his uncomprehending ears. 

No’s essential dogginess (especially his ever-active tail) is beautifully captured in subtly coloured, watercolour page spreads filled with mischief (un-intentional!) and humorous fondness for this troublesome, but loveable hound.  

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