Moonbeans and the Dream Cafe

Publisher: Usborne Publishing

When a pink fireball lights up Jax’s dingy bedroom in rundown Goose Green, she wonders if an alien has landed. Instead she discovers a kitten with golden eyes, moonlight stripes and sparkles in its fur: a magical kitten that makes her bedroom glow pink and smell of jelly beans.

Moonbeans is on a mission from a faraway galaxy to find his earth father and to make the people of Goose Green happier. Can his magical powers help Jax’s Mum transform her tumbledown café by the day of its grand opening? And if he does, will Mum allow him to stay?

The first in the Magical Moon Cat series is a sweet and endearing story about new beginnings, families and friendships in which a cute kitten makes dreams come true. This book also contains stickers and recipes to try.

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