Mia and the Lightcasters

Publisher: Faber

12 year-old Mia lives with her young brother Lucas and mum and dad in the city of Nubis, under the light of the forever moon and permanently starlit skies. She has always dreamed of being umbra tamer, but a terrifying encounter with a red eyed umbra out on the Nightmare Plains three years ago frightened her into staying within the city walls. That was with her friend Miles who mysteriously disappeared shortly after the encounter (readers, look out for his horrific reappearance later).  Now Mia’s parents have been captured and caged - and they say it’s her job to reach her grandparents in the Stella The City of Light and get help. To do it, Mia must face the Nightmare Plains again, defy the Reaper King, all while taking care of Lucas. But first she must find and tame her Umbra, and find out more about the mysterious Lightcasters - does she have a connection to them?

This is a truly, incredibly exciting book which will keep readers on the edge of their seats, swiftly turning page after page as the thrilling adventure unfolds. It’s got battles, evil baddies, deception, peril, family loyalty and the amazing mysterious and wonderful umbras, that readers will be desperate to see and wish they too could tame.  It’s such an imaginative book, with next level world building. It’s utterly refreshing to find a sci fi fantasy book where all the heroes are children of colour too, still unfortunately rare and very much needed. The illustrations by Ana Latese are utterly beautiful. The author Janelle McCurdy is a self-confessed gamer girl herself and she’s written this book with gamer kids in mind. So if adults want to get young gamers reading this is the book to go for, and the good news is this is the first in a series so has the potential to really hook readers in! We can’t wait for book 2!

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