Mabrook! A World of Muslim Weddings

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

Mabrook! is a feast of acrylic colours and collage-textured images made with real beads, cut paper, foils, patterned fabrics, and golden string. If the reader can pull themselves away from staring at the lush images, they will learn about the precious wedding traditions from various Muslim communities around the world.

For instance, endpapers show hands painted with henna designs as in Pakistani weddings. Neighbours cook for days to create the delicious wedding feasts in Morocco. British weddings can be a cultural mix with guests wearing everything from hijabs to kilts.

The book also shares similarities between Muslim wedding traditions, such as the marriage contract; the groom’s mahr, or dowry for his bride; and the presence of witnesses. All come together to send a happy couple off to a bright future, shown on the last page as a magic carpet ride.

There is a brief summary at the back from the author, and a glossary for the more difficult terms used in the book, such as food or clothing. "Mabrook" itself means ‘Congratulations!’

This book would be a good gift for a new bride, or a lovely read-along for children who will be part of a wedding.

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