Lottie Potter Wants an Otter

Publisher: HarperCollins

Lottie Potter wants… you guessed it: an otter! So she trots off down into town to visit Mr Trotter's Otters. He certainly has plenty of different otters for little Lottie Potter to choose from - but which one is the best? The spotty otter, the snotty otter, the stinky otter, or what about the slinky otter? And will Lottie and her otter live happily ever after?

The rhythm and rhyme with which this story is told makes it a great read-aloud. It's really rather nutty and lots of fun, with an even more fantastical twist to the end.

The parade of otters in Mr Trotter's shop are especially gigglesome, along with the antics of the otter that Lottie takes home, while the pencil-drawing style of the illustrations are bold and assured, adding lots of colour and character.

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