Lost for Words

Publisher: Andersen Press


Dallas is in Year 6. Her family are still grieving, and their life still isn’t short of more worries. She may only be 11 years old but when she learns that her local library has been marked for closure, she knows that she must do something to try and save it, for the community and her family.

With the help of her close friends Ruby and Aiza, along with her aunt Jessi, a campaign is started to attempt to keep the library open. Dallas speaks out to her peers in assembly and confronts the local councillor in her efforts to prove that the library has a place in the community. Despite distractions trying to get in the way and obstacles to overcome, Dallas knows she just can’t give up fighting for the library to stay open. One last action allows her to realise where she truly calls home.

Lost for Words is a heart-warming book that brings the importance of libraries and families together. It's an exceptional example of children never giving up and letting the adults have their way.

This is a brilliant book guaranteed to inspire and motivate young people to use their local library – and hopefully avoid any more closure.

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