Little People, Big Dreams: Muhammad Ali

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books


Learn about African-American boxer Muhammad Ali in this accessible picture book biography for young children. Born in Kentucky, USA, in 1942, Ali started boxing aged 12 and went on to become an Olympic gold medallist and renowned heavyweight boxing champion.

In addition to his extensive sporting achievements, readers will learn about Ali’s conversion to Islam and his refusal to participate in the Vietnam war, which he viewed as unjust. He spoke out about racial discrimination and civil rights, and was admired for his charity work, particularly after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in later life.

The accompanying comic-style illustrations are fresh and colourful, and at the back of the book there is a timeline, photographs, factual information and suggestions for further reading.

This title is an excellent addition to the inspiring Little People, Big Dreams series, which previously focused on female role models and has now expanded to include books about extraordinary men. Although the backgrounds and achievements of the featured individuals are diverse, the common thread which draws them together is their determination from a young age to make a difference, stand up for their beliefs and overcome adversity to achieve great things.

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