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Publisher: A&C Black

Their private mansion, with its private park, its private school-room and private security system, is supposed to keep them safe, but Adam and Daisy’s privileged world is torn apart when black-clad, masked men brandishing snub-nosed guns break in. With friend Leo and teacher, Miss Archer, they are bundled into a van – and, when Miss Archer is – apparently - shot, it’s clear the gunmen mean business. Adam begins to wonder about Leo: the family odd-job man’s son, he shares their life - but is he involved with the kidnappers..? Suddenly, no-one seems quite who they appear...

With its non-stop action, deftly drawn characters and final twist – all narrated using simple vocabulary - this story has tension enough to involve the most reluctant struggling reader.

Part of the Wired and Wired Up series published by A&C Black to encourage and support reading practice by providing gripping, age-appropriate stories at a manageable length and reading level.

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