How to Be on the Moon

Publisher: Walker Books

Anna really, really wants to go to the moon, but Crocodile has some practical concerns. They will need special skills like maths to be able to get the moon, which is also very, very far away. They will have to be patient, which might be a challenge. They’ll also need a rocket, and sandwiches to eat on the way.

After a long, sleepy, sandwich-filled journey, Anna and Crocodile explore the moon and see the Earth from so far away – but it’s always nice to have a friend who is never far away, no matter where you are.

Viviane Schwarz is a beautifully inventive picture-book maker, and this book about friendship and working as a team works wonderfully with ideas of home and belonging that are invoked by a journey to the moon. Crocodile is a practical yet encouraging parent figure who helps Anna realise her dreams, but despite being the sensible one, Crocodile enjoys their adventure together just as much as Anna.

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