Harriet Tubman: A Journey to Freedom

Publisher: Little Tiger (Stripes)

Harriet Tubman was born into slavery and suffered enormous injustices throughout her life, including physical and mental abuse. Despite this, in 1849 she managed to escape to the north of the USA, where slavery was banned.

This alone would have been an extraordinary feat, but Harriet then returned to the South, acting as part of the Underground Railroad's network to shepherd escaped slaves to safety and freedom. She was an inspirational leader.

This well-illustrated, accessible biography is a great introduction to the historical period as well as to Harriet Tubman herself, who is a key figure to be studied in primary history. Fact boxes and graphic novel-style illustrations make the biography accessible for less confident readers.

This is a great introduction to her life, but those who know the basics of Harriet's Tubman's story will also find it a rewarding read.

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