Fruit in Suits

Publisher: Abrams

It's time to go swimming, and everyone has a different swimming suit: one pieces, two pieces, old-fashioned ones, suits for babies and parents... But Dad's business suit just won't do at all.

The quirky twist is that all the keen swimmers are... Items of fruit!

The pear likes a one-piece suit, while Pineapple wants to grab attention with a futuristic costume and hi-vis goggles. They all prefer different activities, too. One of the grapes is partial to a scuba dive, while Strawberry would rather bask in the shade with a big floppy hat and get stuck into a good book.

It's all very, very silly but has oodles of charm, with an underlying message about difference and having fun. The digital illustrations are set against a white background, which keeps everything equally bright and eye-catching. 

There's no actual mention of the word "swimsuit", which could potentially confuse some little ones – but 'fruits in suits' does roll off the tongue much better, and your child will likely be giggling too much to care!

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