Franklin’s Flying Bookshop

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Franklin the dragon loves stories: about kung fu, spiders, baking, ballet, King Arthur and roller skating. He tries to read his stories to the people in his local village but they keep hiding from him. But when Franklin meets fellow bookworm Luna, who loves books about dragons, it's a match made in heaven. Both of them want to share their stories with other people, so they devise a plan to house a little bookshop between Franklin's wings and fly into town.

There is so much to love in this poetic, dreamy tale about the wonder of stories and healing power of friendship. Luna's stoic, fierce defence of the misunderstood Franklin to the fearful townsfolk is a joy to behold, and the magic of the mouse-enabled bookshop on Franklin's back, stuffed full of books about science and Antarctica and snakes, is wonderful. An exceptional book about the power of stories to unite a community, it's also a beautiful book in itself.

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