Forged in the Fire

Publisher: Walker Books

It is the year 1665 and Will is working as a bookseller in London, hoping to earn enough money to marry his true love Susanna. In Shropshire, Susanna becomes increasingly worried as Will’s letters grow fewer and news arrives of a terrible plague engulfing the city and killing thousands.

With a reckless disregard for her own safety, Susanna goes in search of her love, but although she eventually finds him safe and well, a new threat is in the wind, quite literally, as a great fire starts one night in Pudding Lane.

This is a fabulously atmospheric and beautifully written historical adventure and love story, set at a time of religious intolerance and uncertainty. Meticulous research makes this a fascinating read and although it is a sequel to the acclaimed No Shame, No Fear, it works perfectly as a stand-alone novel.

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