Publisher: Piccadilly Press

When a crisis at work pushes Jess’s father out of a job, and the scandal looks set to hit the headlines, it seems like a good idea to lie low – especially if it means a chance for Jess to avoid the gossip at school after her private photograph becomes public property. But when Mum announces a sudden plan to join a technology-free hippy commune on a remote Scottish island, keeping a low profile takes on a whole new meaning.

With no Facebook, no phone, no music, no makeup and no shampoo, Jess is soon living a back-to-nature life with no contact with the outside world. How will she survive – and why are they really there?

Important questions about our modern reliance on all things digital, and a sassy narrator help to keep readers on their toes throughout this entertaining thriller. Issues of privacy and trust are cleverly brought into question in a new light in this unique set-up, without ever feeling preachy or one-sided, and will provoke lively discussions amongst teens. A quick and engaging read, Firewallers packs a thought-provoking punch.

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