Evil Emperor Penguin (Almost) Takes Over the World!

Publisher: David Fickling Books

In the third brilliant instalment of the Evil Emperor Penguin’s plan for total world domination, purple octopus assistant Number 8 has invented the ultimate tool: a time travelling toilet cubicle! In it, Evil Emperor Penguin can travel to any point in time (probably) and lay claim to every brilliant invention and key moment that has ever happened, making him the most renowned and respected person in history. What could go wrong?

Next, EEP finds an apple in the Antarctica farmer’s market which inspires him to create “eeples”, which will turn humans’ brains to goop. Then, of course, there’s the plan to start his own reality TV show and enslave humanity by making them addicted to watching it, and the foolproof wheeze of placing a human-eating bin in every neighbourhood. You can’t say that Evil Emperor Penguin isn’t persistent when it comes to taking over the world.

Laura Ellen Anderson’s tremendously funny comic about the enthusiastic, caustic and thoroughly unsuccessful megalomaniac penguin is hugely popular for a good reason: it’s hilarious for adults and children, and, delivered in several short stories per book, a great way to inspire kids to read. 

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