Escape from Planet Bogey

Pet Defenders 3

Publisher: Stripes


Did you know that a secret society of dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents are keeping you safe from honking aliens and flying dung saucers? The Pet Defenders are dedicated to protecting man and pet kind, so when Champ goes missing in a swirl of circling colours, secret agents Biskit and Mitzy get to work.

They discover that winning The Wild Alien Reality Show on Planet Bogey is the only way to find their friend who has been kidnapped by Snot Snatchers… But will their plan work?

A fast, funny, snot-filled adventure featuring courageous and loyal pets, totally wacky aliens and an extraordinarily slimy planet from Blue Peter Book Award-winning Gareth P Jones, and with hilarious illustrations from Steve May. Perfect for nose-picking children everywhere!

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