Emily of New Moon

Publisher: Virago Modern Classics

When Emily's beloved father dies, leaving her orphaned, she is given into the care of her mother's unknown family, the Murrays. Sent to live at New Moon with her stern Aunt Elizabeth, she is initially miserable, but soon becomes enchanted by the beauty of her new surroundings. Unfortunately, life at New Moon isn't always easy - headstrong Emily, with her vivid imagination and passion for writing, is continually scandalising her strict relations. Luckily, support is at hand from kindly aunt Laura and eccentric cousin Jimmy - and she soon makes friends with tomboy Ilse, aspiring artist Teddy, and Perry, the ambitious houseboy. But will she ever manage to win over severe Aunt Elizabeth herself?

This charming story of family and friendship from classic children's author L M Montgomery is the first in the Emily trilogy. Although less-well known than her much-loved Anne of Green Gables, it is equally delightful - L M Motgomery herself wrote that the Emily trilogy was her personal favourite amongst her books, and Emily the heroine she most identified with. This beautiful new edition from Virago Modern Classics, with a cover illustrated by Daniela Jaglenka, will particularly appeal to girls, and would make a lovely gift.

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