Publisher: Amulet

For 12 years since her mother left, Lorrie Hollander has been cared for by her unusual aunt. Lorrie believed that her mother had gone to England with her boyfriend, and that the money supporting Lorrie and her sister was coming from their mother. Lorrie has stayed away from her family home, which has been falling into ruin, as much as she can. 

When the money runs out, she is forced to return home. She meets Charlie, the son of a local senator. While investigating why the money has stopped, she finds that her family and Charlie's family are inextricably linked in ways she could not have imagined.

The story is told through the eyes of Lorrie, who has taken on many of the parenting responsibilities in her family. She tries to outwardly maintain the standards of the exclusive town where she lives, and does not know who she can turn to when her world falls apart. The themes of love and great sadness are dealt with sensitively. Can you solve the mystery with Lorrie?

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