Eat Your People!

Publisher: Orchard Books

Dinnertimes can be difficult in any household - even Monster households!

Mummy Monster begs Monty Monster to eat up his people: otherwise, no pudding. 'Stop fussing', says Daddy Monster. It's only a tiny portion; one small monster mouthful. 

Monty obstinately stands firm. He'll happily eat his vegetables but he really HATES people. They're chewy, crunchy and bony; they wriggle and wave at him. Yuck!

Finally, reluctantly (promised an EXTRA BIG helping of pudding), Monty clears his plate. Now for his favourite dessert: fairy cakes. So much flutterier, fizzier and sweeter than people...

Bright, bold and childlike illustrations, brimming with humorous details (small, obviously inedible, people's shoes on a plate's edge; Monty hiding people under his broccoli) accompany this entertaining twist on the 'eat-your-greens' cautionary tale: picky eaters be warned!

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