Dream Team: A Case of the Jitters

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Erika and the Dream Team are on a mission to help Chanda, a girl who has too many worries. The gang creep into her dreamscape to battle the Jitters that are wreaking havoc with her happy memories, but there's one monster they can't defeat. The insidious Jitter seems unshakeable. Can Erika and the team uncover its weak spot before Chanda’s spark fades away forever?

Tom Percival is a familiar name for lovers of picture books, but in this slightly surreal and laugh-out-loud funny series he’s turned his hand to writing for slightly older children. This, the latest in Erika and the Dream Team's adventures, is the follow up to Dream Team: Attack of the Heebie Jeebies - but it's perfectly enjoyable as a standalone story too, exploring anxiety wisely and in a child-friendly format. Beautiful gold and black illustrations throughout add to the ethereal feel of the book.

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