Don't Call Me Ishmael

Publisher: Templar Publishing

Ishmael Leseur is cursed with a name that demands attention - mostly from class bully Barry Bagsley and his gang of goons. Just when he thought his street cred could not plummet any lower, he is saddled with befriending the new boy.  James Scobie is small, twitchy and uses words like ‘rudimentary’. Things are not looking up.

But Scobie has one unusual talent - he is completely without fear. With Scobie leading the charge, summer term is about to get a lot more interesting, and embarrassing, for Ishmael.

Join Ishmael as he forges unlikely friendships, confronts the girl of his dreams and survives a surprise cameo by Ringo Starr. Truthful, life-affirming and devastatingly funny, Don’t Call Me Ishmael is a triumphant coming-of-age novel.

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