Dance of Shadows

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Vanessa Adler is one of the few dancers talented enough to win a place at the prestigious New York Ballet Academy. But although she is a gifted dancer, Vanessa has another reason to want to join the school - she wants to follow in the footsteps of her older sister Margaret, a former pupil, and to discover why Margaret mysteriously disappeared without a word to her family.

Her new life in New York offers Vanessa plenty of challenges - making new friends, coping with the strict staff and keeping up with the punishing rehearsals for the school's production of The Firebird. Then there's her dance partner, the handsome but secretive Zep. Yet Vanessa remains determined to discover the truth about what happened to Margaret - and as she investigates, she realises that her sister is not the only other girl to suddenly go missing from the Academy.

Blending ballet with a dark, paranormal element, this is a gripping and very readable young adult thriller. Plenty of dark secrets, moments of high passion and exciting twists and turns will ensure this book is as appealing to fans of supernatural romance as it is to dance enthusiasts.

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