A Postcard to Ollis

Publisher: Wacky Bee Books

Ollis’s mum has a new boyfriend and now she has a new baby brother. She feels increasingly lonely at home and it’s as though she isn’t part of the family anymore.

Luckily, Ollis always has her best friend Gro to rely on for adventures. The only rule is that those adventures aren’t more than 3 kilometres from her house.

One day, as Ollis starts to feel more neglected at home, her and Gro decide to go on an adventure and cycle up to Birch Forest, making an unlikely discovery of themselves: a yellow letterbox, and a postcard addressed to Ollis appears inside.

After meeting the old lady who lives in the cottage next to the letterbox, Ollis plots a plan to try and see some of the postcards on her own to find out if there are more. She soon discovers what she is looking for, just as her life is changing, but she must try and discover what the mysterious postcards mean.

A charming and quirky illustrated story about the importance of family: it’s about cherishing what you have and realising who the most important people are in your life.

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