Three Keys

Publisher: Knights Of

Mia and her family and friendly investors now own the Calivista motel, and money is a little easier to come by. But things are not easier for everyone. A politician wants to bring in a law that will exclude the children of undocumented immigrants from going to school. Lupe, Mia's best friend, is one of those children.

Three Keys continues the extraordinary story of friendship and resilience that began in Front Desk, while shining a light on social injustice in present-day USA. There is nothing escapist about Three Keys and Front Desk, and yet they make for uplifting reading.

The handling of Mia's mother's deferred dreams is very moving, and empathetic children will see her point of view too. The suggestion of a credit card to solve financial problems means that adult readers may like to discuss financial literacy with children first.

Three Keys considers the power of individual heroes to win within a broken economic system, and takes a realistic look at what it is to be an immigrant in America today. Like Front Desk, this is an exceptional book.

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