The Secret of Ragnar’s Gold

Publisher: Welbeck

Joe and his friends Max, Lucy and Charlie (with her dog Sherlock) are staying in an actual castle! Built one thousand years ago, it’s steeped in history. And it’s possibly haunted. Certainly, Charlie and Sherlock have heard the distant clash of metal on metal when lying on their four-poster bed.

When Sherlock falls down a hidden well, the gang stumble across a local mystery – the legend of Ragnar the Viking’s gold. Ragnar was a Viking who came over the sea and stole an awful lot of treasure. Supposedly, Ragnar buried it in the Suffolk countryside before the final battle with King Edmund, after which his army fled back to Scandinavia. But no one has ever found it.

Could the four friends (and dog) do what hundreds before them have failed to do, and decode the clues to find Ragnar’s gold? They’ll have to be clever, loyal and brave, especially because there’s a strange, glowing-eyed hound on their trail…

A modern adventure with a classic feel, this will spark interest in cracking codes, treasure hunts and even local history.

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