The Rema Chronicles: Realm of the Blue Mist

Publisher: Scholastic

This sumptuously illustrated graphic novel tells the story of Tabetha Simon, a thirteen year old dreamer and doodler who lives with her Mum in a strange version of our world following the death of her Dad. When Tabetha meets a mysterious blue-haired stranger, Philip, who carries a sword, she finds herself swept into the mythical and magical world of Rema: where the quickest way to get around is by flying, people are taught to beware of the ‘Geists’, and Tabetha must shield her identity from the fearsome Lady Hiida at all costs.

As she and Philip try to transport her back to Earth, they slowly realise they’re becoming entangled in something far greater than either of them could have expected – and with Lady Hiida on their tail, the odds of Tabetha getting home are looking smaller and smaller…

Tabetha, Philip, their friends and enemies, and the lush landscapes of Rema are effortlessly brought to life in Amy Kim Kibuishi’s beautiful illustrations, all tinted in subtle blues and purples. There’s a touch of clean teen romance in Tabby’s crush on Philip and edge-of-your-seat peril as they desperately try to evade capture by a seemingly all-powerful enemy. Comics and graphic novels can be a brilliant way to encourage older readers who struggle to engage with non-illustrated books, and the first instalment in this high-stakes magical adventure series is perfect to get lost in.

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