The Hatmakers

Publisher: Puffin

Cordelia Hatmaker is part of a family of magical hatmakers in this alternate history set in a magical mash-up of Georgian and Elizabethan Britain. Guilds of magical clothes-makers create gloves, hats, boots and other items that give their wearers special strengths and qualities. But the king is not in his right mind and the princess-regent may be being manipulated into a war with France. Meanwhile Cordelia’s father is lost at sea: but she won’t give up hope of finding him. Lost things can be found, can’t they?

The Hatmakers is an inventive and funny story with a cast of unforgettable characters who adults and children alike will love. Merchant has a knack for giving magical elements charming, witty names with historical and literary allusions in the same vein as the Harry Potter universe. An ideal new fantasy world for olders readers to immerse themselves in. 

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