The Christmasaurus

(3 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Puffin


William Trundle loves dinosaurs. In fact, he's obsessed with them. Meanwhile, his father is equally obsessed - but with Christmas.

Aside from that, life is fairly normal in the Trundle household. William goes to school, has plenty of friends and is quite happy being a wheelchair-user. All that changes however, when Brenda Payne (the most rotten girl in the world) starts at his school and makes him feel different.

Meanwhile, in the North Pole, a rare dinosaur (indeed the last dinosaur alive) is in a similar position. The Christmasaurus loves his life, his elf friends and the delightfully jolly Santa Claus, but can't help but feel alone.

One Christmas, the two are thrown together in a tangle of tinsel as they fight off a dangerous hunter, with help from an unexpected source.

If you ever doubted that dinosaurs and Christmas would work well together, doubt no more. The book is bursting with loveable characters, fast-paced adventure and, of course, Christmas spirit. William is an enchanting protagonist, who successfully busts a few myths about disabled people and what they want.

Peppered with exquisite illustrations that pop off the page and bring the characters to life, this is a highly recommended read.

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