Have You Seen My Dragon?

Publisher: Walker Books

A counting book that is a cut above the rest in terms of its beautiful design and style. New Yorker Steve Light brings all the shapes and sights of the city to these stunning spreads. Each page presents a double page scene in black line pen and ink drawings depicting another area of the city, with an accent colour to pick out the next number in the counting sequence. A little boy follows the numbers in search of his absent dragon - who went missing on page one. The dragon is hidden in every location, but it is not too challenging for little ones to spot, making this a fun game as well as showcasing some amazing artwork.

This is an original setting for a counting book and the detail and design could catch the eye of children who can count past the 20 pages presented here. Teachers might be inspired to copy the idea for a classroom project too - it certainly offers a variety of objects and places to discuss. Map-style endpapers show the numbered route for another chance to count again. As an object of art it's a beautiful piece and elevates the humble counting book to a new level of style and sophistication.

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